Daily Ramblings - Notes from Haiti - January 24, 2010

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Major Wager loaded up on food supplies in Panama and headed for Haiti as soon as we learned of the catastrophe.   The crew encountered storms and high seas, but has finally arrived and successfully delivered supplies to an orphanage sponsored by friends of ours here in Aspen. Here is Captain Walter’s report:
Update from the Major Wager -
The security team from Mercy and Sharing, http://www.haitichildren.com  are delayed, no surprise, nothing could move fast under these conditions. So we are standing by to off load in the morning. I decided to get underway and head back out of the area we were in today just to be safe. Actually I noticed the Navy and Coast Guard boats repositioning out more to sea and figure they are smarter than me, so I followed. It’s a real comfort to have them here. One of the ships is an Aircraft Carrier, they have been running flight operations nonstop all day. Every few hours we get a call on the VHF from one of the ships asking what our intentions are. They must question why this motor yacht is hanging around….probably think we are lost. When we advise them we are making a private supply drop and are waiting to make this happen with our people on land, they just wish us luck. That surprises me. I thought the would tell us to depart the area.
I sent one of our tenders in to have a look at the intended drop point at Arcahaie and they returned telling me about 300 people were camped on that beach. Families in makeshift shelter along with their goats and cows. We have an alternative location for tomorrow.
We hear some repairs have been made to the main pier in Port au Prince but still only one truck can be on the pier at any time! That’s a huge bottle-neck. It probably takes an hour to off load one container.
I am trying to help M & S get some medical supplies down from Miami on a private boat. They are hoping to get the supplies straight in to Arcahaie the same way we are dropping supplies. Not having much luck with this so if any of you can think of anyone I could contact…Please let me know.
Go well,

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